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You should change you thread roll die supplier. Why? Because you need…

The Best Technical Support

Our team knows how to make more than machines or dies. We know how toĀ make your part. We can specify the right dies for your machine and application. Guaranteed.


The Highest Quality

We specify the right tool steel, heat treatment, thread form and more for your application from the manufacaturer we know will provide the best dies for your job. We can provide flat dies, cylindrical dies, thread rolls and planetary dies from a variety of high quality manufacturers depending upon your needs. And, we’re not done yet. We check every order to ensure you get exactly what you ordered. No more surprises when you open the die box!


Personal Customer Service

Call us and you’ll get a real person on the phone during business hours. Sure, we have voice mail but thats for after hours. Our team will not only provide delivery information but we will expedite orders for you too.

Reed Machinery can inspect all major die features

The Reed Machinery IntelligentOneā„¢ RFID tags can be added to your dies prior to shipping. This Smart Machine Tool System records the actual number of parts rolled and stores the data on the tag in the die. No more questions about die life!